How my service works

Once you have made contact with me I will arrange a time to call you for a chat so that I can get an idea of your current situation.

I will offer you a free 30 minute face to face consultation so we can talk about your issue in more detail. It’s a great opportunity for you to ask me questions, especially if you are new to therapy.

I believe it’s important that we meet face to face beforehand; we both have to know that we can work together. By the way, there is no obligation at all.

At this consultation I will let you know how many appointments I think you may need so you have a clear idea upfront of the potential investment. I will never offer more appointments than I think you need.

The appointments are usually a week apart. The average investment is £240 although this can vary depending on the situation.

I will be in contact with you by email in advance of the first appointment with a questionnaire. Your responses will help me plan the most effective programme for you.

Occasionally, I may offer you a group, particularly if you want to quit smoking. Groups can be very motivating, there is nothing quite like sharing the journey with others.

I hope I have answered all your questions, but if there is anything else you would like to know please do get in touch by phone or email.

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